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Activities/Events/Conferences: AGIT and GI-Forum



Information about the HERODOT network was disseminated at the AGIT conference 2007 in Salzburg. Disseminating HERODOT. Three members of HERODOT attended and spoke at the event.

Karl Donert presented his research on visions and issues affecting the development of GI in education.

Presentation: "Geoinformation in Education: a European perspective".


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Karl Donert (Network coordinator) wrote a chapter in the AGIT 2007 conference book, Learning with GeoInformation II: published by Wichman Verlag.



AGIT and GI-Forum

These events are organised by Salzburg University Centre for Geoinformatics 

New partnerships and projects were developed.

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ESRI: GIS in education


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HERODOT is glad to be working with other organisations to promote and improve the learning and teaching of Geography. If you would like to be involved please contact Glenda Wall, Project Manager.