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HERODOT Network Benchmarking Geography

This activity forms the work of HERODOT 2 Thematic Pillar 4 (TP4), an action for the project period 2006- 2009.

TP4 seeks to improve the quality of Geography learning and teaching through establishing European standards for higher education Geography degrees which are agreed by members of the geographical community and implemented as part of new course developments, course revision and degree structures.

What is benchmarking? How does it relate to the Bologna Process? Presentation (ppt) What next for TUNING Geography? Presentation (ppt)

TP4 Lifelong Learning

Pillar 4 deals with employability and lifelong learning. Via a number of workshops different aspects have been discussed and developed.

Meetings have been hosted by members of the HERODOT network in Spain, Ireland, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria and UK.

TP4 has publihed a series of declarations agreed by the HERODOT network and published for wider discussion, debate and promotion.

Bechmark statements

NEW Benchmark on Citizenship through Geography (doc)

NEW Benchmark on Fieldwork in Geography (doc)

Benchmark on Interdisciplinarity (doc)

Graduate employability statement (doc)

Benchmark on GIS in higher education Geography (doc)

Benchmark on GIS in school Geography and teacher education (doc)

Other relevant publications include:

TUNING Geography

State of Geography in Europe

Other publications

If you want to know more or join the group, contact Marius Matache.

Further details about the work of the TPs can be found in the HERODOT community discussing the key issues. Members can sign up here.

If you want to join the network contact Glenda Wall


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