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HERODOT Network Phase 3 (2010-2013)

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The HERODOT Network has submitted an application for a third phase of European funding as the Thematic Network for Spatial Sceinces, under the recent Lifelong Learning Programme Call for Proposals 2010.

H3 2010 application (pdf)

Though the proposal has been submitted, w e are still seeking new partners to participate in this project.

Membership of the network is FREE.

This page has information concerning HERODOT 3 (H3) Thematic Network proposal.

What you need to do - Proposal information - 2010 partner list

In 2010 the EC indicated that Geography would not be a disciplinary priority for network proposals. Therefore HERODOT will apply for a proposal which examines one of the other priorities, and specifically we will seek to align our proposal to the priority cross-disciplinary topics.

We introduced this theme of interest under HERODOT 2, with an excellent workshop on Interdisciplinarity in Sibiu, Romania. A benchmark on Interdisciplinarity was produced and lots of interesting discussions initiated.

The future of the network and its workplan has been widely discussed, the proposal for H3 is derived from this network consultation.

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Presentation: Future of the HERODOT Network (ppt)

H3 logo

HERODOT 3 Project 2010

The four themes developed by network members are:

  1. European Identities
  2. Spatial Citizenship
  3. Quality assurance and enhancement
  4. Postgraduate developments, employability and enterprise

Project summary - email comments to .

Draft budget for HERODOT 3

Partner form

Partner Letter of Intent (template to complete) in english - in french - in german

Partner forms MUST BE received by 1st February 2010.

The deadline for this application is 26 February 2009


A Request:

Please feel free to invite new organisations and university faculties from any countries to participate in this proposal.

This will be essential for the success of the application.

What you need to do?

Partners on the 2009 list do not need to complete a new form.

As a 2009 partner, if you or your institution no longer wishes to be involved, please email

ALL other partners not on the 2009 list, need to complete:

a) a Partner Form (click to download) and

b) a Letter of Intent. (click to download)

To be valid these MUST be received electronically to:

All completed forms will be acknowledged.

The original signed Letter of Intent should then be posted (snail mail) to:

c/o Michaela Lindner-Fally, Project Manager, Z_GIS, Salzburg University, Techno_Z, Schillerstrasse 30,
A-5020 Salzburg, Austria


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Have you thought about Joining EUROGEO?

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2009 conference home page

The HERODOT community now has more than 100 registered institutions.

Members can still join to discuss key issues affecting Geography.

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