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Newsletter (No.18)

September 2009

This is the last newsletter of the HERODOT 2 project. This issue has updated news about network outcomes. It provides a list of what is new and available for you and some things which are coming soon.

Find out about: the State of Bologna - EUROGEO - Searching the HERODOT Web site and Geocube

Partners will shortly receive an information pack in the post. If you want further information, contact Karl Donert.



The HERODOT 2 Project has run from 2006-2009. Thanks to you, the network has grown to have more than 240 partners from 55 countries. More than 400 different geographers and academics from related subjects have been supported to attend our events and meetings and contributed to advancing the state of Geography in higher education in Europe and beyond. Here is some updated news.

We have established a Manifesto for the future of the network and for higher education Geography in Europe (see here), which was agreed by members. So there will be an application for HERODOT phase 3 in 2010. please see http://www.herodot.net/herodot3.html for further information.

State of Bologna
The State of Bologna in Europe research report has just been published on the Web site. Click here to download (pdf). Copies will be sent to the European Commission. Many thanks to those of you who completed the surveys.

There are a number of new and impending publications. Information on these will appear on the HERODOT Home Page. You can purchase copies of earlier publications (while stocks last) from http://www.eurogeography.eu/publications.htm


is the association established for us by members of HERODOT together with the Presidents of 16 national Geographical associations and scientific societies. You can join EUROGEO at www.eurogeography.eu

EUROGEO will continue the work started in HERODOT.

Happening now:
EUROGEO newsletter - August
Members Community - open and available

Coming soon:
Working with the Council of Europe
European Journal of Geography
Newsletter - October, December 2009
Geography and Sustainability meeting - Prague, May 8
Training on getting funds for your Geography projects
European Conference in Athens 2011

To stay in touch please JOIN EUROGEO (download the membership form)


HERODOT Web site
The Web site will be changing appearance: a Search Engine is being added to help you find the papers, documents, presentations and reports there, in total there are more than 700 academic presentations and publications available on the Web site.

The Web site (http://www.herodot.net) and Community (http://www.herodot.net/community/) will continue to operate for at least the next 3 years.

We know that promoting Geography is actively taking place across Europe. Why not use the Geocube and tell us what you have been using it for. If you would like Geocube leaflets or some make-it-yourself cubes please email: donertk@hope.ac.uk

There is plenty of more news available through the EUROGEO Web site and newsletter. Visit www.eurogeography.eu to find out more

Finally, it is a time to write the HERODOT Final Report, so if you have disseminated HERODOT and its outcomes in your department, institution, region or country please contact me at donertk@hope.ac.uk


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