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HERODOT Network Thematic Pillars (TPs)

There are four TPs which are the core of the HERODOT Network actions for the period 2006- 2009. Through their activities the mission of the network will be promoted, namely to improve the quality of Geography learning and teaching. Further details about the work of the TPs can be found in the HERODOT community, which now has 83 registered institutions, discussing the key issues. Members can sign up now. If you want to join the network contact Glenda Wall

NEW TP activities at Stockholm 2007 conference (doc)

TP1 Citizenship, Culture, Place and Identity

This pillar is exploring teaching about European aspects in Geography in higher education. TP1 have organised a series of meetings to further develop their work.

Contact either Margaret Keane or Maria Villanueva if you want to know more. Community area.

TP2 21st Century Geography

Thematic Pillar 2 has been working on the promotion of Geography in the 21st century. Its meetings have sought to understand who promotes Geography and how HERODOT can develop a promotional campaign to improve the awareness of what Geography is and what geographers do. Please contact Maria Attard If you want to know more or join the group. Community area.

TP3 Innovative Teaching

This group is working on aspects of teaching about the Geography of Europe. Its meetings have focused on different aspects of teaching about Europe and teaching Geography in Europe.

If you want to know more please contact either Daniella Schmeinck or Olivier Mentz. Community area.

TP4 Lifelong Learning

Pillar 4 deals with employability and lifelong learning.

NEW Via a number of workshops different benchmarks for Geography have been discussed and developed. TP4 has publihed several declarations for discussion and promotion:

If you want to know more or join the group, contact Marius Matache. Community area.



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